Creating the Perfect Gift

Hi everyone and welcome to my very first blog!

Creating the Perfect Gift 

I’m going to discuss some tips and tricks to helping you creating the perfect gift for the new mumma and bubba in your life as well as including some go-to messages for your gift cards. We love working with you to create a special gift for a loved one, here are some of the steps to take. 

The Design Brief:

1.What’s your budget? 
Having a budget to start with is always helpful. If you are working with us to create a bundle we always ask for a budget so that we can work within your needs. You can get beautiful bundles for $50 or you can spend over $150, the choice is yours. 

- Go in with a group of people so that you can spread the cost but also get a decent gift for your loved ones.
- Factor in extra costs like postage and cards and gift wrapping services. We wrap for free at Merv & Me and always include postage charges in your budget.

2. What is the theme? 
A gift doesn’t always need an obvious theme to be beautiful, but we do love themes here at Merv & Me. Our first question is boy, girl or gender neutral. Then we can start to get into some of the other themes below:

- Australiana

- Floral

- Animal

- Rainbow

- Greenery foliage 

When selecting one of these patterns we can choose a plain colour/s within the pattern to compliment the rest of your gift. 


- Dark/Light 

- Soft pinks and neutrals

- Greens and tans

-Navy and Grey 


- Newborn baby vs 6 month old 
- Practical vs for looks 
- What season are we going into? 
- Do you want a gift that grows with the baby? 

3. Do you have any must include items?
You can always give us some ideas of what you’d like included eg. swaddle, nursing pads and book.

4. Wrapping Tips for at home

- Wrapping using good quality paper is key. We love the natural brown paper look dressed up with a belly band that pops. Our paper is from Aussie business Inky Co but we also love, love, love Rosie Lou, another Aussie brand. 
-  Belly bands are the best thing out there! If we wrap with a patterned paper we will use a natural brown belly band or use a coloured band if we wrap with brown paper. 
-Finish with ribbon. We use twine as it matches in with our natural look with the brown paper.
We love to include some nature in our gifts (unfortunately it doesn’t survive postage so posted items miss out on this). We use anything from a sprig of rosemary, to gum nuts, even dried native flowers from an old bouquet.

- When wrapping fold the edge that you cut along for a clean finish. 
- I love leaving the card out of the envelop as a statement piece on the front of the gift or the book if you have gone that way. Buy cards from artists and tell the recipient to frame them after. Kmart sell card sized frames for $2.

Go-To messages for your card

Here are some of our favourite messages to include in your card for the new bubba! We can write a message on a handmade paper tag for free or you can purchase one of our beautiful cards, both made by Aussie brand Wattle Co.

Personally we love gifting a book as a card and writing our message on the inside of that as a beautiful keepsake.  

Book inscriptions:

- Wishing you many nights of bedtime stories and sweet dreams.

- May your life be filled with beautiful stories.

- Always have a story to tell.

- I also love to use a quote directly from the book.

Card messages:

- Welcome to the world baby _______. We can’t wait to meet you!  
- Congratulations on the safe arrival of baby _______. Wishing you all an abundance of health, happiness and sleep. 
- Congratulations on your new arrival! This is such a wonderful time for your family and we hope that babyhood is filled with lots of fun, love, and cuddles. All the very best.

-  She’s here!! We are so happy for you. Please remember I am here to help whenever you need me. I’ll even lend a hand to change a nappy or two!


We hope this has helped and you have enjoyed reading! Please do not hesitate to reach out if you need some help buying the perfect gift!
Until next time....

Kristy x 

Instagram: merv_and_me